Union County Garwood

General Announcements (Union County Garwood)

    While we are in this time between group semesters, we want to encourage you to begin to pray about what you would like to lead your group through come the New Year! The Winter semester will begin at the middle of January and end in the April/May time frame.

    The following is “unofficial” but we these are the broad, message series themes in the beginning of the new year.

    • February – First Comes Love (relationship series)
    • March – March 1st Groups Sunday Save the Date! Groups Experience, Wind & Fire starts March 8th 
    • April 12th – Easter Sunday


  • Consider serving with your group at PNO! “Parents’ Night Out” is hosted once a month on Friday nights in Morris County & Union Counties, in which parents of children with special needs can drop off ALL their children (infant to 13-years-old) for 3-hours of free childcare.