Summer Break  

As we kick off the Summer, we encourage you and your Group to take a break!  We feel as though everyone benefits from a time apart, so that when you start up again in the fall you feel refreshed and renewed.  Don’t go radio silent though! We encourage you to plan one or two social events with your group. For example, maybe you can ask someone in your Group to host a BBQ and have everyone brings a dish. Or maybe you can meet up together at the beach, or for a hike!  Be creative! Summer is also a great time to serve together – people have a little more time in their schedule – so plan a visit with the Relief Bus or sign up for Parents’ Night Out near you!

Re|Group – August 17th

Whether you’re a current Group leader or simply curious about Groups, you’re invited to gather with us to learn NEW leadership content, meet with each other in breakout sessions, and take part in fun activities with campus leaders. This special event will start with breakfast and registration from 8:30am – 9:00am, and programming and breakout sessions will take place from 9:00am – 3:30pm. 

Groups Sunday – September 8th

Join us to help create an environment where potential new members can take their next steps to join a group.  This day has been created to give you and potential members the opportunity to meet face to face and for you to personally invite them into community.  As we get closer to Groups Sunday start to clean up your roster, update your group description if needed, and let your GC know whether or not you’ll be leading this Fall.  

Fall Groups Campaign – September 8th

Lead your group through this year’s All Church Groups Campaign, based on Pastor Tim’s new Book:  Liquid Church. Journey with your group through the pages of Tim’s new book talking about you! This series is all about Liquid’s heart for the lost and you will be guiding your Small Group as they learn essential skills to share their faith!  This is an exciting time in our church and you won’t want to miss it.